Everything was well and good……..

Everything was well and good when I was ensconced into this world.I wasn’t born this way,or brought up to believe in it.But that is what life demands-for you to learn. As I walked down the road,I realized that ‘fall seven,stand up eight’ is better said than done.To stand up in face of devastation,when your body […]


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Love At First Meeting

They say we are born to love then make love and make babies in turn propagate our species. No matter where you are or what you are doing every girl checks out the guys around to see who is attractive and the guys do exactly the same. Now let’s say you’re out to party with […]

Simple lessons of TEENAGEHOOD


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Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken…”??? 5

Life o dear life, Thou what you offer?   Am i looking beautiful? Does he like me? Am i fat? Do i “go along” well? Insecure with themselves, they want to “fit in” or be seen as valuable. And along with it is the constant harping, screaming of Mama, Study !! Do something better!!!To an […]

‘Here’s to a new start’

We live in a tough world. One which chides us for being too soft on ourselves, which constantly pushes us to run even if we want to walk and amble along, which hurries us on even when we want to pause and take in the landscape around us. Unwittingly, we make those principles our own […]

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